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HP 17BII+ Calculator

Hp’s most advanced financial calculator is also the easiest to use thanks to its intuitive menu driven operating system. HP17Bll an an algebraic entry business calculator. The HP17BII plus has over 250 financial functions including ‘HP solve’ a unique feature allowing users to write, solve and save formulas and equations using alpha numeric and everyday financial symbols. Also comes with a 28KB memory, 2 year warranty and 2 CR2032 Batteries are included.
Manufacturer: HP
SKU: 808736931304
£54.00 incl vat (£45.00 excl vat)
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This HP 17bll+ financial calculator is suitable for students and professionals in real estate, finance,

accounting and business. The HP 17bII+ financial calculator is both powerful and easy-to-use. It Quickly

calculate loan payments, interest rates and conversions, standard deviation, percent, TVM, NPV, IRR, cash flows, bonds and more.

Features 28KB of user memory, over 250 functions, RPN and Algebraic data entry, clock, appointments, calendar, HP Solve application, menus prompts and messages.

Permitted for use on the CFP® Certification Exam1.

Special design features

HP's large, angled, click-style keys allow you to minimize unwanted key presses

2-line x 22 character adjustable contrast LCD display

Auto power OFF, after 10 minutes

Financial/business features

TVM (loans, savings and leasing)


List-based, cash-flow analysis

Currency conversions

Cash-flow functions: IRR, NPV, NFV and NUS

Print table with infrared printer (hp 82240)

Bond price and yield

Depreciation methods: SL, DB, SOYD and ACRS

Interest-rate conversions

Percentage calculation: %CHG, %TOTL, MU%P,


Statistical/mathematical features

List-based, two-variable statistical analysis

STD deviation, mean, weighted mean

Forecasting, correlation coefficient: linear,

logarithmic, exponential, power

+, -, x, /, %, 1/x, +/-, ex, n!, yx, Sx, Sx2, Sy, Sy2,


LOG, LN, 10x, PI, EXP, NI

Time and data management

Clock, calendar, appointments and alarm

Date arithmetic (1582.10.15~9999.12.31)

Number lists, edit, sort, store

Customizing features

HP Solve™ application

Memory capacity unlimited within available memory

Custom menus

Solve for any variable without programming


CPU 8502

Display size 2 lines x 22 characters

Display Type LCD

LCD 131 x 6 dot matrix + indicators

Contrast Adjustable

Entry-system logic RPN & Algebraic

Decimal Point Selection Yes

Built-in functions 250+

Menus, prompts, etc. Yes

Languages German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese

Pending operations Limited by memory

Internal precision 15 digits

Memory 28KB

Keyboard Numeric

Power 2 x CR2032 batteries

Power off Memory protection Yes

Weight 105.5g (3.72 ounces)

Size (L × W × D) 14.5 × 9.09 × 1.47cm (5.71 × 3.19 × 0.58in)

Beeper On/Off

Enclosure material Plastic

Key Top Material Plastic

What's in the Box Calculator, batteries, user manual, premium pouch

Warranty 1-year warranty

Subject Suitability Real estate, Accounting, Banking, Finance, Business

Permitted for use on CFP® Certification Exam1


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Product reviews

09/01/2024 20:01
Ekomi Review
I can't do without a calculator...have always had one and an HP...which I think are the best financial calculators.
Was this review helpful? (0/0)
06/10/2023 09:01
Ekomi Review
I use the calculator to calculate asset finance costs / rates etc
The product is really good quality
Was this review helpful? (0/0)
16/02/2023 17:00
Ekomi Review
Excellent calculator, replacing previous model that has operated for 20 years. Ideal for Business Managers and Finance Directors alike.
Was this review helpful? (0/0)
17/01/2023 21:13
Ekomi Review
Replacement of lost one, like for like.
Was this review helpful? (0/0)
21/08/2018 08:42
Ekomi Review
Bought to replace a HP-12c which had a run in with a spilled coffee.\n\nIn comparison the buttons are less fiddly to use and the improved display and increased functionality makes this a worthwhile upgrade.
Was this review helpful? (0/0)
03/04/2018 18:18
Ekomi Review
Great Service
Was this review helpful? (0/0)
02/04/2018 08:25
Ekomi Review
Good quality product, ideal for the financial sector,
Was this review helpful? (0/0)
20/01/2018 11:36
Ekomi Review
Functionally the sme so bought to replace my original 17B when the keyboard failed
Was this review helpful? (0/0)
27/04/2017 16:43
Ekomi Review
update to old unit so happy with its additional capability!\n
Was this review helpful? (0/0)
17/04/2015 14:28
Ekomi Review
This was to replace my much favoured HP financial calculator (at least 20 years old!) which I unfortunately lost, but functions and keyboard very similar so excellent!
Was this review helpful? (0/0)
11/03/2015 10:39
Ekomi Review
Product as described
Was this review helpful? (0/0)
18/12/2014 08:28
Ekomi Review
I use the unit to calculate Yields on finance deals
Was this review helpful? (0/0)
01/10/2014 17:45
Ekomi Review
As described
Was this review helpful? (0/0)
09/02/2014 15:13
Ekomi Review
Industry benchmark for lease pricing calculation
Was this review helpful? (0/0)
13/01/2014 08:14
Ekomi Review
use it for personal use.\n
Was this review helpful? (0/0)


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