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We accept purchase orders from Government Departments, Schools, Colleges & Charitable Organisations.
Fax the order on headed paper to: 0161 439 7817.
Pro-Forma Invoices are available for Ltd & Plc Companies.
Call 0161 439 5446 for details.


We also offer a customised engraving of logos for universities, schools, companies and will also engrave a student name on a calculator, laptop etc.

Please call us on 0161 439 5446 for further information.


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Customer reviews
Ekomi Review Awesome engineering calculator (Casio FX 992S).\n\nVery well thought out calculator with much better usability than other calculators.\n\nLove the binary operators and 12 digit display.
Ekomi Review Perfect quality of the product, fast shipping and easy shopping!\nThank you very much!
Ekomi Review Use for work and tutoring maths. Product great, had the same calculator for years now. Worried I wouldn't be able to get a replacement as not sure it is manufactured anymore hence the reason for ordering one.
Ekomi Review Great product - this was a replacement for one I've had for many years that i'd lost.
Ekomi Review My partner lost her original calculator was gutted it was 20 plus years old
Ekomi Review Calculator is the model I have used for the past 15 years, so needed to get some new ones before it becomes obsolete. I am an engineer who wants a calculator I can be confident will produce the correct result when I press the buttons.
Ekomi Review ***
Ekomi Review Will do this again when my item arrives
Ekomi Review use at work, old one lasted 10 years in workshop\nreplaced like for like
Ekomi Review Amazing choice of calculators, very quick delivery and a great product. Would recommend to anyone looking for a quality calculator.
Ekomi Review I have used Casio products from when I started working in accountancy back in 1987.\n\nThe fx-992s is excellent and I was relieved to find another one having used this model for well over 10 years.\n\nThe presentation and functionality is as good as ever - it is a pity that many modern calculators are so poor in comparison.
Ekomi Review Ideal for electronics calculations
Ekomi Review Product quality good.
Simon Brooks I am amazed that you can still buy this calculator as so many good things seem to have been made redundant due to "progress". My Casio FX 992s was bought in 1990 whilst at university and has seen me through my finals and professional exams. This is still the calculator I use today twenty five years later- and it works perfectly. If it is still made as well I would not hesitate to recommend it.
Ekomi Review excellent product
Ekomi Review reccomended to work collegues and fellow engineers
Ekomi Review Very well specified scientific calculator, and I like the compact traditional styling.
Ekomi Review Used in engineering works, accuracy and ease of use is vital.
Ekomi Review Brilliant calculator, highly recommend!
Ekomi Review A proper calculator.