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Casio FC 100v financial calculator

Make :Casio  
Model :FC 100v financial calculator
Category :Financial calculators
Price £20.00 ex VAT
£24.00 inc VAT
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The Casio FC 100v is a Financial calculator with several functions like amortisation of loan, margin calculation and compound interest calculation.This calculator is recommended for financial examinations. Also this FC 100v has handy, easy to use direct mode access keys and has a full dot 4 line display, this makes inputting easier and is great for repeat calculations
General specifications:
Dot Matrix 31 * 96
mantissa+  exponent 10 + 2 digits
Plastic keys

New slide-on hardcase
Size (H x W x D): 13,7 x 80,0 x 161,00 mm
Weight: 110 g
EAN-Code:49-71850-167013 (June: 172147)
blister (FC-100V-S-EH)

Detailed specifications:
Input Format: V.P.A.M
Function calculations
• Trigonometric / Invers Trigonometric calculations
• Hyperbolic / Invers Hyperbolic calculations
• log, ln - (logarithmic) calculations
• 10x, ex - (exponential) calculations
• x2/ ^ / xv -
  (Power / Power Root) calculations
• v - (root) calculations
• x-1 - (invers) calculations
• x! - (factorial operator) calculations
• nPr (Permutation), nCr (Combinatoric)
• Random Number
• History
• Ans
• STO, RCL (A-D, X,Y, M (7))
Percentage calculations
Display Setting of Number
• Fix
• Sci
• Norm
• 3-digit separator symbol
Angle Setting
• Deg, Rad, Gra
Stat Editor table
Calculation Items
• n
• x-var
• ?!
• ?x2
• Linear regression
• Logarithmic regression
• e exponential regression • Power regression
• Inverse regression
• Quadratic regression
Financial Calculations
Simple Interest
Compound InterestsTVMn
P/Y, C/Y
Cash Flow (Investment Appraisal)
Cost, Shell, Margin
Day calculations
About the difference between the new model FC-100V and the old model FC-100
The FC-100V can do all the calculations that the previous FC-100 can do. No functions have been deleted.
Customer reviews
Ekomi Review Great for complex compounding calculations.
Ekomi Review Product used with my uni business studies course.