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HP 35S Scientific calculator

Next day delivery available

Make :HP  
Model :35S Scientific calculator
Category :Scientific Calculators
Price £34.80 ex VAT
£41.76 inc VAT
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The new hp35s get professional performance from this pocket-sized and programmable for students and professionals in mathematics, science, surveying, and engineering.2 years warranty and protective case included. Ultimate pocket size performer Professionals and college students have the flexibility no other scientific calculator can offer with the choice of RPN(Reverse Polish

Reliable performance and accurate results

The HP 35s delivers with a large 2-line alpha numeric display

with adjustable contrast, raised edges to protect the keys, and

a robust library of built-in functions and constants.

• Large 2-line display with adjustable contrast to easily

view entries, results, menus and prompts

• Simplify physics with 42 built-in physical constants,

plus a complete library of unit conversions

• Get accurate results with edit, undo, delete capability

• Enjoy a compact size and protective raised edges

that are designed for the mobile professional

Power and functionality in one

Save time with an impressive array of programmable

scientific functions.

• Use strong statistics functions for single and

two-variable statistics, linear regression and more

• Use base-n functions for binary, octal, decimal and

hexadecimal number calculation and conversion

• Power to calculate inverse functions, cube root,

logarithms, exponents, factorials and more

• Take advantage of a powerful fraction mode

plus fraction-to-decimal conversion

HP quality and support

Have confidence that every time you turn on your HP calculator,

every calculation you make, results in dependable, worry-free

performance and accurate results.

• Rely on HP quality and award-wining support—

online and by phone

• Get the most from your calculator, visit

www.hp.com/calculators for downloads, tutorials and more

The HP 35s Scientific Calculator includes all the features

of the HP 30s plus:

• The choice of both efficient RPN and algebraic

entry-system logic

• Programmable with keystroke programming

• HP Solve application

• 31KB memory with 800+ independent storage registers

• 42 built-in physical constants

• Adjustable contrast 2-line display with menus,

prompts and messages

• Edit, undo, delete capability

• Enhanced fractions mode, statistics and mathematics

packages with base-n function

• Durable design with raised edges to protect the keyboard

and premium carrying case

HP Part Number F2215A


Display size 2 lines x 14 characters + indicators

Display Type LCD

LCD 14 character dot matrix (5 x 7) x 2 lines + indicators

Contrast Adjustable

Entry-system logic RPN & Algebraic

Built-in functions 100+

Menus, prompts, etc. Yes

Internal precision 15 digits

Pending operations 13-level parenthesis or maximum number of pending operation:

13 @ALG

Memory 800+ Memory registers; 31KB

Keyboard Alphanumeric

Power 2 x CR2032 batteries

Power off memory protection Yes

Battery life 0.73 year @ 1 hr/day (approximately 9 months)

Weight 125 g (4.4 oz)

Size (L x W x D) 15.8 x 8.2 x 1.82 cm (6.22 x 3.23 x 0.72 in)

Enclosure material Plastic, brushed metal faceplate

Key top material Plastic

What's in the box Calculator, batteries,  protective case

Warranty 1-year warranty (may vary by region)

Subject suitability Engineering, Surveying, Science, Medicine

Permitted for use on SAT® Reasoning and SAT® Subject TestsTM in Math 1 & 2, ACT,


Customer reviews
Ekomi Review Calculator used for professional purposes. Oil & Gas design engineering.
Ekomi Review I use it for navigation
Ekomi Review I use it for structural engineering design i.e. complicated stuff and it's so much easier to use than non-RPN calculators. I think that I bought my first HP about 42 years ago.
Ekomi Review Previously used the HP product for 20 + years. The old one finally broke -- only because I dropped it
Ekomi Review A good machine to have at hand in any engineering related field.\nSpecially aimed at HP nostalgics who don't want/need to carry the HP50g big guns everywhere.\nStill packs a lot of programming power.
Ekomi Review Great quality product
Ekomi Review In the absence of the HP 15C - a good alternative
Ekomi Review HP calculators area must for me.
Ekomi Review I bought the HP35s for myself because I wanted a programmable scientific calculator and I liked tithe early HP calculators. \nI did not need a graphing calculator.
Ekomi Review Purchased because I've used HP calculators since college (1980) and now can't bare using anything else (RPN). Had 32e and still have 32sII so can have a good calculator at work as well as home now. As usual with HP it's very well thought out and has the awesome button click. Very very happy
Ekomi Review Thank goodness HP still make calculators that allow Reverse Polish!! It's a brilliant product. I have been using it constantly since it arrived. I'm an engineer.
Ekomi Review Quality of product is as expected of HP.
Ekomi Review Seems good quality-expect good durability.\nNicely packed and quick delivery.
Ekomi Review Very good scientific calculator with a lot of functions.
Ekomi Review I bought this calculator after my previous one found its way into the washing machine and refused to work again. I am a design engineer and have used HP Scientific calculators for the last 40 years - I think they are very good and wouldn't be without one wherever I am.
Ekomi Review This is great RPN calculator at a very competitive price, make no mistake. One thing that could be improved is to attach English leaflet, since the two attached were in German and Italian. However, this lack in documentation does not make the calculator any worse, since proper manual can be viewed from attached CD (or downloaded) and is available in English.
Ekomi Review Alwasy had HP calculators. Have never had a problem with any of them.
Ekomi Review *****
Ekomi Review Almost back to the classic HP
Ekomi Review A step towards the original HP's
Ekomi Review The unit is suitable for practicing engineers, no pointless bells and whistle.It was chosen because it is solidly built and has RPN.. (OK-I'm old!)
Ekomi Review Based on my initial impressions I am impressed. I use it in my daily work as a chartered engineer carrying out design calculations. Not everything is done by computer even now!\n\nIt is best suited to profesions similar to mine, technical or scientifically based and students studying such subjects.\n\nHaving read some critical online comments I was pleased to find that the quality is very good. It is bigger than my trusty old 41-CX but slimmer and I particulary like the slip case. It'smuch lighter perhaps partly because of the batteries. The key presses and the keys I have found to be good, too early to tell if I will encounter problems with these as reported online.\n\nDisappointed that the printed quickstart guides were Italian and German language versions only, not even an English version on the CD. All the text on the package was in German too. It's not possible to fully exploit the calculator without the manual even if you are used to HP calculators and RPN. I had it printed by an online service and it cost almost 50% of the calculator price.\n\nIn summary, looks promising.
Ekomi Review I an familiar with HP, only calculator I use