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Casio FX- CG 20 colour Screen

Next day delivery available

Make :Casio  
Model :FX- CG 20 colour Screen
Category :Graphic Calculators
Price £93.17 ex VAT
£111.80 inc VAT
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The all new fx-CG20 graphics calculator brings maths to life with the next generation of graphic calculator technologies; including high-resolution colour display with natural textbook display, innovative picture plot function enabling analysis of images and video, and an extensive range of graphic functions. Suitable for GCSE, A and AS levels. Includes USB cable and PC link software.

Pie and Bar Chart
Pre-installed geometry add-in
Pre-installed ECON2 data logging application
Graph Functions
Cartesian Coordinate System
Inequality graph and applications
X=constant graph
Parametric Functions
Graph Labelling
Value Table
Dynamic graphs
View window: X-dot parameter
4 different types of illustration for X-values
Ref- and Rref command lines for levels or reduced row level form
Natural V.P.A.M. natural input and output mode
Solve equations with integral, differential and probability functions
Ref and Ref commands for matrix diagonalisation
GcD and LCM function
Chi-square GOF function
Functions In Polar Coordinates
20 Graph Memory
Graphs Of Conic Section Functions And Coressponding Applications
Illustration Of Tangent, Normal And Inverse Function Of A Graph
Financial MathematicsLoans
Recursion GraphRecursion Parameters
Web Plotting
Zoom / Trace FunctionsStart position: centred
Direct trace entry
G-Solve (Graphic Calculation)Roots
Intersection points
Local minima and maxima
Definite integrals
X and Y value calculation
Split-screen displayGraph and graph
Graph and value table
Graph of a value table
Graph and value table linked interactively
Scientific and Statistics
 Scientific applications with physical constants (ADD-in)
Calculations with scientific numerical notations
Cash-flow statement
Geometry (add-in): pre-installed
Basic Mathematical Functions
 Fraction Decimal Fraction Conversion
Solve (Interactive)
First and Second Derivative (Numerical)
Integration (Numerical)
Complex Functions
Matrix Algebra
 Maximum Matrix Size: 255 x 255
Number Of Matrices: 27
Calculation Of Determinants
Calculation Of Inverse Matrix
Calculation of inverse matrix
Linear Equations (Max. 6 Unknowns)
Polynomial Root Calculation
Solve Systems Of Linear Equations
Equation Solver
Polynomial Equations (Max. Third-Order)
Calculations to the power of n
Statistical Calculations: Medial Values, Median, Sum
Statistical Graphs
 List-based statistics
Box plot
Modified box plot
Distribution curve
Scatter plot/xy line
Med-med line
Linear/quadratic/cubic/quartic regression
Exponential/logarithmic/power regression
Trigonometric regression
Logistic regression
Copy function for regression equations
Trace function
 Maximum list size: 999
Number of lists: 26 lists, 6 files
Lists with complex numbers
List designation
Customer reviews
Ekomi Review Use it for A-level maths and further maths, would very much reccomend, very helpful
Ekomi Review I'm using it for A level. Delighted with it and just beginning to explore all that it can do.
Ekomi Review Very complex product, haven't used it myself as its a present
Ekomi Review Good calculator.\nPrinted manual would be useful as there is a lot to get familiar with and browsing easier in print.
Ekomi Review Great item, expensive piece of kit, but really great for A levels. A must for anyone on maths beyond GCSE level
Ekomi Review school a levels
Ekomi Review Great price and stunningly fast delivery
Ekomi Review For my son's A level studies - expensive but worth it
Ekomi Review Would recommend for a level maths and further maths
Ekomi Review The purchase was for my son and he is pleased with the products with instructions that were simple to understand. Good but expensive