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Texas Instruments Texas Instruments TI-89 TITANIUM CAS calculator

Next day delivery available

Make :Texas Instruments  
Model :Texas Instruments TI-89 TITANIUM CAS calculator
Category :Graphic Calculators
Price £114.58 ex VAT
£137.50 inc VAT
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The TI-89 Titanium with Computer Algebra System (CAS)is a programable advanced graphing calculator that is 3.5 x faster then the TI-89. The TI 89 Titanium includes a USB port.Also A usb cable is included. A cable to connect to the view screen panel is also included. There may be some colour variations from dark grey, light grey or black. Entry mode D.A.L. Display Type LCD Dot-matrix Display Size 160x100 Memory Register 188 kB RAM 2.7 MB flash memory Power supply 4 AAA's,
The TI-89 Titanium – a powerful device in TI's line-up of Computer Algebra System (CAS) calculators – combines power, portability and pre-loaded Apps. This graphing calculator combines the power of CAS and interactive geometry, portability of a handheld and preloaded Apps for flexibility in upper secondary and university maths engineering and science classrooms. The built-in USB port and included USB Computer Cable support fast and stable connectivity with the computer and Derive computer software.• Memory available to the user: ROM = 2.7 MB, RAM = 188 KB.• High resolution display: 100 x 160 pixels on a high-contrast display allow easy viewing of information, including split screen capability.• CAS (Computer Algebra System) for algebra, calculus and matrix algebra, enabling manipulation of mathematical expressions and functions.• Functions of a matrix.• Electronic upgradeability for maintenance upgrades and new software downloads.• Graphs functions, parametric equations, polar equations, recursively-defined sequences, 3-dimensional surfaces and differential equations.• Real-time rotation of 3-D surfaces and contour graphs help you visualise in 3-D.• Analytical and numerical solution of differential equations.• Constants and unit conversions.• Statistical regressions.• Calculation of eigenvalues and eigenvectors.• Text and data editors for managing data, matrices and scripted programs (or simple textual information).• Pretty Print option shows input and output as it would be written mathematically.• Supports different language programming (TI-Basic and Z80 Assembly).• Active home history screen can hold up to 99 previous equations for deep recall.• Catalogue of built-in functions provides syntax listings for every command and function.• Compatible with TI-89 Apps, programs, curricular materials and keystrokes for easy integration with current technology.• Contains a USB Computer Cable for a fast and stable connection to a computer, making downloading of software Apps easy. •Built-in USB technology and cables included •ROM = 2.7MB (3.5x that of the TI-89) •Improved design •Stores up to 19 Apps. 14 pre-loaded, including CellSheet™ for free! •Compatible with TI-89 keystrokes, functions and Apps •Other important features: Computer Algebra System, Pretty Print, 3-D Graphing Apps Pre-loaded on the TI-89 Titanium •Cabri Geometry•Calendar•CellSheet™•Contacts•EE Pro®•Finance•NoteFolio™•Planner•Polynomial Root Finder•Simultaneous Equation Solver•Statistics with List Editor•StudyCards™•Symbolic Math Guide•Tasks The following Applications are preloaded on this product: Calculator CellSheet App Finance App Simultaneous Equation Solver App Study cards TI-89 Titatium OS Language localisation Accessories The following accessories are available for this product: CBR2 TI Presenter View Screen Panel View Screen Calculator Presentation on link Adaptor
The above product comes with a manual
Customer reviews
Ekomi Review I'm a psychology student and need the calculator for statistics. I was failing massively with my ancient scientific calculator. This calculator is so much easier to use and i am very pleased with the product.
Ekomi Review Overall a good product that will allow anybody to undertake advanced scientific studies. The calculator is a little complicated to use because many of the functions are available through various screens and cumbersome navigation. some functions should be available directly through the physical buttons (in particular the hyperbolic sine and cosine functions).
Ekomi Review Item not yet received
Ekomi Review I use it for work, great calculator, one of the best, real classic
T Clarke I bought this since I lost my voyage 200 and this calculator is essentially the same except for the intergrated keyboard and its cheaper then voyage 200.