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TI-84 PLUS SILVER EDITION Graphing calculator

HIGH PERFORMANCE GRAPHING CALCULATOR FOR AS/A LEVEL AND UNIVERSITIES 100% COMPATIBLE WITH TI-84 PLUS. This product is in educational packaging as opposed to blister packed
Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
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The TI-84 Plus Silver Edition is a high-performance graphics calculator for secondary schools that boasts a built-in USB port for fast and stable connections to a computer, classroom display tools and data-logging devices. With the ability to connect directly to data-logging sensors, it is at home in the maths or science classroom. Take advantage of the more than 1.5 MB of FLASH memory by downloading Apps in addition to the more than 24 that are preloaded or customise it with removable faceplates.

  • Includes all the functionality of and is fully compatible with the TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus.
  • Stores up to 94 Apps and is pre-loaded with: Cabri® Jr., Conic Graphing, Fundamental Topics in Science, GeoMaster™, Inequality Graphing, Learning Check™, LogIn, NoteFolio™, Organizer, Periodic Table, Polynomial Root Finder and Simultaneous Root Finder, Probability Simulation, Puzzle Pack, Science Tools, Start-Up Customisation, StudyCards™, TimeSpan™, Topics in Algebra Chapters 1-4, Topics in Algebra Chapter 5, Transformation Graphing.
  • Contains a USB Computer Cable and USB port on the calculator for computer connectivity.
  • 2.5x the speed of the TI-83 Plus.
  • Memory available to the user: ROM = 1.54 MB, RAM = 24KB.
  • 8-line by 16-character display, 64 x 96 pixels.
  • Graph/Table and Graph/Numeric split screen display.
  • Manual Fit Line.
  • Connect all units to the ViewScreen™ panel or TI-Presenter™ via TI-84 Plus Presentation Link™.
  • Removable faceplates for customisation.
  • Real and complex numbers calculated to 14-digit accuracy and displayed with 10 digits plus a 2-digit exponent.
  • Graphs 10 rectangular functions, 6 parametric expressions, 6 polar expressions and 3 recursively-defined sequences with 7 different graph styles.
  • Interactive graphical analysis including numerical derivatives and integrals.
  • Advanced statistics functions, including hypothesis testing and calculation of confidence intervals.
  • User-defined list names. Lists store up to 999 elements.
  • Probability distributions.
  • Financial functions (time-value-of-money, cash flow calculations and amortisation).
  • Stores and analyses up to 10 matrices, size limited only by available memory.
  • Equation solver.
  • Supports different language programming (TI-Basic and Z80 assembly).

Includes the following accessories:

Educational packaging.

 4 AAA batteries, 1 USB unit-to-unit cable (for unit-to-unit communication), 1 USB Computer Cable to allow computer connectivity, 1 manual, 1 battery and warranty statement, 1 product CD with the electronic manual, programme information, computer software and free Apps with manuals.

Are you not sure which graphing calculator you need? You can refer to the below table or email us with any technical queries.


Key FeaturesTI-Nspire TI-84SE TI84PLUS TI83PLUS TI-89Titanium 
Memory ROM/RAM16MB/20MB1.5MB/24K480K/24K160K/24K2.7MB/188K
USB Cable Included 
Downloadable SAT*/ACT** prep questions 
Removable Faceplate    
Organizer Preloaded    
TI-83 Plus Compatibility 
Allowed on SAT*, ACT**, AP*SAT/AP Only
Interchangeable Keypads    
Pre-Loaded Apps for These Courses     
Algebra 1&2 
Business & Finance 
AP Calculus   
AP Statistics   
AP Physics   
College Math    
Electrical Engineering    
Mechanical Engineering    
Differential Equations    
Linear Algebra    














































Product reviews

28/08/2020 15:04
Ekomi Review
Thank you
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14/10/2014 07:13
Ekomi Review
it is amazing but it would be better for me if all the accessories had been sent with the calculator.
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29/08/2014 07:13
Ekomi Review
Can't say much about using the calculator, it is for my daughter comming scholastic year but order was easy and the calculator was  received quickly.\n
Was this review helpful? (0/0)
24/09/2013 14:55
Ekomi Review
For my daughter studying IB maths.
Was this review helpful? (0/0)
30/10/2011 13:16
Was this review helpful? (0/0)
16/03/2011 11:08
C J Sharp
I felt compelled to write to express my satisfaction with your truly excellent customer service regarding the issues with purchase of TI 84 plus Silver edition.
Not only was it more than i expected but it was prompt-truly a beacon of after sales customer service for others to follow. I have recommended you to a number of friends and associates as a direct result of your customer service.
Was this review helpful? (0/0)
25/03/2010 16:33
The TI-84 plus is an extraordinary calculator. It's extremely intuitive and comes with a wide range of helpful applications. This is also a really great price for such a good calculator!
Was this review helpful? (0/0)
21/10/2009 20:02
Danielle Curtis
The calculator is great it's perfect for maths above GCSE. calculatorsdirect were fantastic, really happy with the customer service, so helpful and no messing, really really pleased, never had such a good experience with a retailer!!
Was this review helpful? (0/0)
01/10/2009 12:41
Paul Woodward
Very Fast Delivery & Excellent Price - Many Thanks!
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17/09/2009 21:39
At first I thought this site didn't look particularly legitimate, especially with the kind of prices they offer on such good calculators. However, I parted with my money and go exactly what i wanted - an amazing Ti-84+ S/E delivered the day afetr I placed the order. Many thanks calculatorsdirect, this was exactly what I needed, and £30 cheaper than any other site I found!
Was this review helpful? (0/0)
12/02/2009 08:58
Chris Barnes
WOW fantastic service........
I purchased the TN84 Plus Silver Edition calculator from you last Friday at 16:45.
Your website stated order before 15:30 for despatch that day, so I expected delivery Tuesday of the following week.
I was therefore very impressed when the calculator arrived the next day.
Just what my daughter needed, brand new, perfectly packaged, and absolutely superb customer service.

Many thanks, and keep up the good work
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16/11/2008 20:54
Rea Bhagdev
Great price for a TI84, received the product next day.Many Thanks
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