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Brain training games

Franklin BRN 980E Brain Training Game
Franklin Brain training Game-BRN 980E Brand New and Boxed Exercise is the key to good health for both body and mind. This game allows you to train your brain in: Visual memory Numerical Calculation Verbal memory Logical reasoning People of all ages will be captivated by the fun and educational games available and everyone enjoys the opportunity to exercise their brain and keep their mind vibrant and alert. Includes stylus for touch screen
£9.99 incl vat
Franklin BRN-340 Brain Training Game
The Franklin Brain Trainer has 29 different games, including Sudoku and Wordoku. This device has a back-light and adjustable contrast to provide comfortable and clear viewing. Stylus is NOT INCLUDED
£19.99 incl vat
Genie BT 11 Maths Training Game
Calculus trainer with approx. 300,000 exercises - the playful approach to learning how to use numbers, can also be used as a pocket calculator. Effective education game with 5 levels of difficulty, awards you points and there is a noise for when you are successful or not successful (can be turned off). 4 game modes: training for fundamental arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), for getting to know the operations (search for the correct calculation symbol), for carrying on sequences of numbers (12-14-16-?) and for noticing number series. Battery automatically turns off after period of non-usage. With protective hard case.
£9.00 incl vat
Sharp ELS50 Children's Maths Learning Calculator
Built-in brain practise function supports learning maths curriculum in primary school . Maths and times tables drill (1-12) Great for primary school children to learn times tables. This is a great alternative to TI little professor. Training functions to perform basic operations and small multiplication tables Lithium battery Visualisation of operators in the display (+, -, x, ÷, =) Sturdy design and optimised size for children's hands.
£9.30 incl vat
Texas Instruments Little Professor Calculator
Four basic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Five levels of difficulty, from ‘very easy’ to ‘very difficult’. Includes over 50,000 pre-programmed tasks. Awards a star for each correct answer and smiles when five sums are answered correctly. Robust housing and solar powered cells. Gaming features -making learning fun!
£13.50 incl vat


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