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Aurora DB453B Desktop calculator
Aurora Desktop Calculator with the following features: - Tax feature ideal for adding & subtracting VAT - MU feature for gross profit margin calculations - Extra large commonly used keys - Large a digit clear display - Robust design with durable hard keys - Solar powered with battery back up
£8.00 incl vat
Aurora DT247HMS Desktop Calculator (with Time Calculations)
Features Include: - 12 Digit Angled display - Dual Power - Rounding selector - Time calculations H.M.S - Hours Minutes Seconds button
£18.99 incl vat
Aurora DT401 Euro Conversion
- Large 12 Digit big number dual powered calculator - Euro Conversion Function - Mark-up MU Key - Right-shift & 00 keys - +/- keys
£14.70 incl vat
Genie 230 QP Time Calculator with HMS Button
The Genie 230 QP is dual powered (battery and solar) and is a 12 digit calculator with HMS button. This calculator can perform calculations in terms of days, hours, minutes or seconds. Approx dimensions and weight : 14.5 x 8.5 x 1.5 cm, 100g Features The Genie 230 qp offers a variety of useful functions, such as: Time calculation (h, min, sec) Time and date display, Adjustable 3 line display, Standard function buttons, sq. root calculation, percentage calculation, change of algebraic sign, currency conversion, tax calculation, double zero, digit correction, mark up function, gross profit.
£19.20 incl vat
Genie 540 Desktop Calculator
This Genie 540 desktop calculator is dual powered battery and solar. Its 10 digit size is approx. 14 x 10.5 x 3 cm and weighs 140g. It has an angled display. Features, include square root, percentage and change of algebraic sign buttons M+,m- and MRC memory
£6.60 incl vat
Genie 550 TE Desktop Calculator
This is a 10 digit, battery and solar powered tilted display. features: standard and % buttons, M+,M- and MRC memory, currency conversion, tax calculation, double zero, digit correction, Euro Converter.
£7.25 incl vat
Genie 560T Extra-Large Desktop Calculator
12-digit extra large desktop calculator, Solar and Battery powered, standard functions included memory, root- and percentage function, sign change key, TAX-, MU-, revision key, rounding function, 00-key, comma pre-selection, flip-top display, metal surface. Dimensions: 320 x220 x40mm. Weight 322g
£9.96 incl vat
HP OfficeCalc 100
Hp Office Calc 100 has a large 10 digit angled display. Its dual powered, it has a easily edit with check, correct, and delete keys. Business functions are quick with the percent and mark-up keys. Easy to perform retail calculations with the tax buttons.
£12.00 incl vat
Texas Instruments 5018 SV Calculator
Stylish desktop calculator. Solar and battery powered. Very easy to read, with countered keys.
£14.75 incl vat


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