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Helix 30cm/300mm Folding Ruler
This helix 30cm/30mm folding rular has a snap fit hinge, this enables it to fold and allows it to be stored in a pencil case. BUY IT TOGETHER WITH A CALCULATOR AND PAY NO ADDITIONAL POSTAGE.
£0.80 incl vat
Helix Basic Calculator Dual-Powered
This 8 digit solar and battery powered calculator is suitable for basic everyday mathematical calculations and National Curriculum Key stages 1 & 2, or as an everyday handy calculator. Both solar and battery powered.
£1.75 incl vat
Helix Cambridge Maths Set
High quality maths set - perfect for use in the classroom Contents Include: 15cm ruler, compass, dividers, pencil, 45 and 60 degree set squares , protractor ,eraser, & pencil sharpener
£1.80 incl vat
Helix Compact Value Maths Set
This maths set is excellent value for money, it contains: Contains: 15cm/ 150mm ruler 180° protractor 45° & 60° set squares Self centring compass 3.5"/9cm pencil Sharpener with anti-tamper screw Eraser
From £1.22 incl vat
Helix Desktop Pencil Sharpener
Premium Quality desktop sharpener from Helix. Sturdy metal body, foam grips, and table clamp, make this the perfect tool for students, teachers, artists, and office workers alike. Features a movable carriage and clamp-system, to allow for greater precision, and to avoid over-sharpening of pencils. Sharpening Chamber can be easily removed to clear any blockages. Body colour of Sharpener: Blue.
£13.75 incl vat
Helix Exam set
Helix Maths Exam set, contains: x1 Blue Ball Point pen. x1 Black Ball Point pen. x1 Pencil x1 Pencil eraser x1 Pencil Sharpener x1 Multi Instrument x1 Good quality clear pencil case.
£2.39 incl vat
Helix Filled Education Exam Kit 13" x 5"
Ideal for Exams A long clear pencil case measuring 13'' x 5''. It contains a 30cm ruler, plastic sharpener, protractor, compass & small pencil.
£1.90 incl vat
Helix Filled Pencil Case
Helix Filled Pencil case comprising of: -Clear pencil case with stationery set -Maths set (compass, pencil sharpener, eraser, pencil, ruler, set squares, protractor) Comes in various different colour zips -30cm Folding ruler -2 Pencil sharpeners -Eraser
£6.99 incl vat
Helix Geometry Board Equipment
Contains: Compass with point or suction cup for whiteboards, can take chalk or markers. 45°/45° set square with longest side 50cm and protractor scale. 60°/30° set square with longest side 50cm. Metre rule graduated in cm. Rulers and set squares have magnets for holding to boards. Set squares and rulers fold for compact storage. Comes in a strong storage case which can be wall mounted. Case dimensions: 350 x 275mm
£36.98 incl vat
Helix Oxford 10 Executive HB Pencils Including Sharpener and Eraser
Helix 10 quality Oxford dome tipped pencils, the pencils are made from sustainable wood. Also included are a sleeved Oxford Erasure and a single hole sharpener with anti-tamper screw.
£3.50 incl vat
Helix Oxford Scientific Calculator
Features: 240 functions, 2 line, large display, Shows 10 digits + 2 digit exponents, Suitable for both key Stage 3 & 4 Mathematics, The two-line display makes it possible to view both the calculation formula and its result at the same time, Ideal for both basic and scientific calculations, Hard protective sliding cover, Durable, plastic keys, Auto power off and Replaceable batteries. Suitable for GCSE.
£6.72 incl vat
Helix School Geometry Tray
All your geometry needs are taken care of with this superb classroom resource. This quality selection offers real value for money as it allows up to 30 children to participate in geometry lessons using content carefully chosen with quality and safety in mind. Housed in the sturdy Gratnells Tray the content will be protected and can be stored away neatly after use. Tray contains 30 x angular measures 30 x 30cm shatter resistant rules 30 x Metal safety compass (G05) 30 x 9cm pencils 30 x 13cm 60 degree set squares and 30 x 10cm 45 degree set squares. Allows up to 30 children to participate Content is protected and can be stored away neatl.
From £51.60 incl vat
Oxford Set of Mathematical Instruments
Add this to your calculator purchase no additional delivery charge for the maths set. The Helix Oxford Maths set Contains: Metal self-centring compass and 9cm pencil * Sharpener * Eraser * 15cm/ 150mm rule * 2 set squares * 180° protractor * 10mm stencil and timetable/ fact sheet
£2.99 incl vat


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