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Franklin Collins Spellchecker SPQ-109
Features Include: Phonetic spell-correction – type ‘nolij’ and find ‘knowledge’ Confusables - Words such as homonyms and spelling variants that are often confused. Eg here: locally or hear: listen Word Builder: Features the return of the popular solver – enter up to 12 letters and it will return as many possible solutions ranging from 12 letters to 3 (up to a maximum of 50 solutions), great for word games. Crossword Solver – enter ‘?’ to find missing letters to help with crosswords Anagram Solver– Turn a series of letters into a word
£16.70 incl vat
Franklin SPQ 108 Pocket Spell Checker
Franklin’s Pocket Speller spell checks 110,000 words. 8 exciting word games including anagram solver, eliminates mistakes and sharpens thinking. Databank for storing over 100 names and phone numbers. Calculator with advanced functions and memory.
£22.20 incl vat
Seiko ER 1100 Oxford Spellchecker
The Seiko ER 1100 is great for improving spelling, it comes with 200,000 words and 7 word games. This also has a built in crossword and anagram solver.
£24.00 incl vat
Seiko ER1600 Spell Checker
This new electronic spell checker has over 200,000 words, it gives you a way to expands your knowledge of the English Language. It has a spell checker, crossword solver, anagram solver, word games and much more.
£32.40 incl vat


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